Should A Wife Be Submissive to Her Husband?

In our modern culture, most people cringe at the slightest suggestion of inequality. So whether you’re sitting in a pew, listening to a podcast, or reading a blog, a certain scripture verse may cause you to tense up.  I get it. I’ve been there, praying during Mass when the lector almost timidly speeds through thoseContinue reading “Should A Wife Be Submissive to Her Husband?”

Six Bible Passages About Sex and Sexual Love

Genesis 1:28 God blessed them and God said to them: Be fruitful and multiply.  I’ll let philosopher and theologian Peter Kreft take this one.  “The first two things we learn about sex from God, right from the beginning, are that God designed it, not man or society, and that it is very good. The firstContinue reading “Six Bible Passages About Sex and Sexual Love”

Ten Awesome Tips for a Healthy Sex Life

Most sources that offer advice on sex, simply offer advice on the mechanics of sex. But a Christian discussion must consider the very nature of sexuality. Any animal can figure out how to have sex. But when a married couple deepens their understanding of sexuality, they strengthen their union and achieve new heights of sexualContinue reading “Ten Awesome Tips for a Healthy Sex Life”